BOLEK Strakatý samet

portrait - BOLEK Strakaty samet
Kennel Strakaty samet
Breeder Irena Hochmanova
Owner Jitka Sladkova
Breed Czech Spotted Dog
Date of birth 10th November 2006
Number of registration 854/06
Sex male
Hair - colour and type black-yellow-white, short
In breeding since 2nd December 2008
Hip dysplasia left/right: 2/2
Luxating patella left/right: 0/0
Awards and titles excellent
1 x CAJC
7 x CAC, 2 x res. CAC
2 x The best male of breed
2 x BOB
Club Junior Champion
Club Champion
Czech Champion
Czech Grandchampion
Covers xxx

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diploma of Club Junior Champion - BOLEK Strakaty samet

diploma of Czech Champion - BOLEK Strakaty samet


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